Murrysville Stabbing Victim Takes a Selfie

Josh Arinze April 10, 2014

It’s reassuring to know that even in the face of senseless tragedy, we Digital Agers never lose our sense of perpetual distraction. As The Daily Beast reports, 16-year old Nate Scimio, a victim of Wednesday morning’s stabbing spree at Franklin Regional High School in Murrysville, PA, has posted a selfie on Instagram taken from Children’s Hospital with the… Continue Reading »

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Nancy Grace, Giant Troll or just Ignorant?

Nick Settles April 10, 2014

Nancy Grace has managed to infuriate the Internet again. She recently had “Diamond Dallas Page” on her show to discuss the death of WWE legend “The Ultimate Warrior”. The interview consisted of Nancy Grace blaming the Warrior’s untimely death on steroids and bashing pro-wrestling like she is known for doing. At the time of this… Continue Reading »

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Back to Westeros, the 4th Time Around

Josh Arinze April 2, 2014

Yes, high fantasy fanatics, Game of Thrones is indeed returning this Sunday, April 6 on HBO. Whether, like me, you unexpectedly jumped on the show somewhere along the way, or you’ve been around since the series premiere three years ago (or maybe you hid under George R. R. Martin’s bed while he was writing the books),… Continue Reading »

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Instant Karma In Florida Road Rage Incident

Alex Trujillo March 28, 2014

Most people never get to serve sweet karmic justice upon tailgaters, but a driver in Florida got all that and more when she caught the whole incident on her phone. The YouTube user, Florida Driver, describes her ordeal with an angry truck driver tailgating her on SR 41. Road conditions were described as rainy and the video shows Florida… Continue Reading »

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Xbox Live to Start Laying Down the Law

Josh Arinze March 26, 2014

In December, I posted about certain games on Microsoft’s Xbox One console that could detect poor behavior through the Kinect 2.0 accessory and justly penalize offenders. Now, GameSpot reports that gamers who have a “negative impact” on the Xbox Live community will soon be handed gaming-related penalties, according to Microsoft program manager Michael Dunn. The… Continue Reading »

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Teen Slips Past Security, Climbs to the top of the WTC at 4 a.m.

Nick Settles March 20, 2014

Justin Casquejo of Weehawken, NJ faces several charges including criminal trespass in the third degree. The $40 million “fortresslike” security system around the World Trade Center clearly wasn’t enough to stop Canquejo from getting to the top. (And tweeting about it.)     Casquejo entered through a tiny hole found in the construction sites fence,… Continue Reading »

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Are Tiny Houses Our Future?

Josh Arinze March 19, 2014

It’s not news at this point that this generation has come up during pretty rough financial times. The financial climate remains so pitiful that even the hard-working generations before us are still working day jobs to fund retirement hopes that are becoming dimmer year-by-year. I recently read an article on Gawker revealing just how poor… Continue Reading »

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Tyler, the Creator arrested, Bond set at $25,000

Nick Settles March 16, 2014

Tyler was arrested last night (Saturday March 15th) on charges from the Austin police department of inciting a riot at his Thursday performance at SXSW. The warrant was issued for arrest thereafter. The following is statement from the Austin police department: Tyler Gregory Okonma, AKA Tyler the Creator, bond set at $25,000 The Austin Police… Continue Reading »

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Ukraine Crisis: What you’re not being told

Nick Settles March 12, 2014

The Ukrainian situation, like the Syrian one months earlier, has a lot of odd connections and clear-cut intentions on behalf of the US Government. This video is crucial for you to see, understand, and share. When this publisher releases informative and considerably important videos regarding international warfare, economic or otherwise, we consider it very credible… Continue Reading »

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Russia Today News Anchor Quits On Air

Josh Arinze March 7, 2014

Don’t you just love it when reporters do wacky stuff on air? According to The Daily Beast, an American anchor working for the state-owned television station Russia Today quit her job on air on Wednesday. Liz Wahl, who worked for RT-America’s Washington, D.C. bureau, boldly announced that she could no longer be “part of a network that… Continue Reading »

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