British Teen Tries To Emulate ‘Dexter’, Murders And Dismembers Girlfriend

17 year-old Steven Miles of Britain has been sentenced to 25 years on October 2nd […]

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Bring Coffee to Your Friends Through the Internet!

Sending liquid via the internet seems a little bit ludicrous, don’t you think? The very […]

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Is Your Dog Keeping You Healthy?

Dogs are some of the world’s greatest treasures. After all, who doesn’t love a cute […]

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Listen To Interpol’s New Album ‘El Pintor’ For Free

Interpol is scheduled to release their fifth studio album titled ‘El Pintor’ on September 9th. […]

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Islamic State Seizes Tabqa Airbase

There are no more Syrian or pro-Assad forces in the Syrian province of Raqqa. After […]

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Flag of the Islamic State

Yes-Man Launches Second KickStarter Campaign, Bamboo Sunglasses

A while back, I posted about the interesting kick starter campaign of Yes-Man Watches which was […]

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Russian Man Outwits Bank, Writes His Own Credit Card Agreement

In 2008, 42-year old Dmitry Agarkov received an unsolicited offer from Tinkoff Credit Systems for […]

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5 Annoying Customers You Will Encounter Before You Die

For anyone who has ever worked a job in retail or food, you’d know that […]

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"Que Quieres?"

Reasons Why ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Just Isn’t Good Anymore

  For seven years and seven seasons, The Big Bang Theory has dominated television ratings […]

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Married Man, 44, Visits Doctor And Learns That He Is Actually A She

This individual, surnamed Chen, visited a hospital in Yongkang, Zhejiang province with complains of stomach […]

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