School’s Out: Time to Get a Move On

Josh Arinze June 4, 2014

It’s graduation season, and that means that many young people right now are eager to shake off their previous years of hard work and takeoff into the working world. Of course, that leaves the all-important question: where exactly do you plan to go? Over the past year, job networking site LinkedIn has analyzed the migration… Continue Reading »

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What Is Net Neutrality And Why Everyone Should Be Concerned

Nick Settles May 27, 2014

Net neutrality is what brought you here, net neutrality is what allows for things to go viral, and net neutrality is what defines the internet best.  It is the ability for anyone to post anything, at any given time, and have a fair chance at people seeing it. Facebook is the ultimate example, YouTube as… Continue Reading »

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WikiLeaks Will Probably Cause Bloodshed This Week Over the NSA

Atahar May 22, 2014

WikiLeaks has announced that it will publish the name of the country which had been and possibly still is the subject of a mass NSA surveillance operation named “MYSTIC“. This is all happening despite warnings that it “could lead to increased violence” and possible deaths. This past Monday, some of The Intercept’s journalists published a report which was based… Continue Reading »

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Spring Breakers 2… Really?

Josh Arinze May 20, 2014

Veteran weirdo director Harmony Korine’s 2012 film Spring Breakers was a beauty, one of the best films of that year. It mixed luxurious colors, ethical conflict, thrilling music, and apt location shooting in a very entertaining and unusually accessible blend. But of course, whenever something becomes unexpectedly profitable, someone is going to try to make… Continue Reading »

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College: A $800,000+ Advantage?

Josh Arinze May 7, 2014

According to multiple sources including Slate and Quartz, the perpetual question as to whether getting a college degree is worth the cost may have just been settled. A new study from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco has found that the average U.S. college graduate can expect to earn at least $800,000 more than… Continue Reading »

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Courtney Love's Own Father Thinks She Killed Kurt Cobain

Josh Arinze May 1, 2014

Oh boy. Yilb CEO Nick Settles recently posted about a note apparently written by the late 90s rock star Kurt Cobain ridiculing his marriage with the still-living fellow rock star Courtney Love. Now Love’s estranged father Hank Harrison claims that she was at least partially responsible for Cobain’s death over twenty years ago, a passing… Continue Reading »

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Note Found from Kurt Cobain's Wallet Scorns Courtney Love

Nick Settles April 30, 2014

Last month Seattle police reopened files regarding the Kurt Cobain suicide, since then little has been said about their investigation or whether or not generic viagra cheap any new developments arose. The note, which was attained by CBS, mocks his wedding vows with Love, stating: “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be… Continue Reading »

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Denmark Visualized in the World of Minecraft

Josh Arinze April 25, 2014

Who said video games are not productive? According to multiple sources including IGN and Kotaku, Denmark’s Ministry of Environment has re-created the entire 43,000 sq. ft. kilometer nation through the forging game sensation Minecraft. The project was fulfilled using real-world maps of the country and elevation data supplied by the Danish Geodata Agency as a… Continue Reading »

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Remember When Cleveland Sent out 1.5 Million Balloon’s into the Sky?

Nick Settles April 24, 2014

I stumbled across a peculiar sight when roaming the internet. I discovered that Cleveland launched about one million balloon’s into the sky for a charity event. Although their intentions were all in place by setting a nice scene, helping the helpless, and breaking a world record, what they failed to realize was how painfully dumb… Continue Reading »

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Excited About Kepler-186F? Don't Be.

Josh Arinze April 17, 2014

Today’s big news, other than the unfortunate passing of the literary legend Gabriel Garcia Marquez, is the discovery of Kepler-186F, an Earth-size planet that is the first scientists have found that could hold liquid water. To http://www.incredibleblogs.com/ the average person who hears this, a sense of tremendous hope and curiosity arises. Even at this stage,… Continue Reading »

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