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Nancy Grace, Giant Troll or just Ignorant?

Nick Settles April 10, 2014

Nancy Grace has managed to infuriate the Internet again. She recently had “Diamond Dallas Page” on her show to discuss the death of WWE legend “The Ultimate Warrior”. The interview consisted of Nancy Grace blaming the Warrior’s untimely death on steroids and bashing pro-wrestling like she is known for doing. At the time of this… Continue Reading »

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Teen Slips Past Security, Climbs to the top of the WTC at 4 a.m.

Nick Settles March 20, 2014

Justin Casquejo of Weehawken, NJ faces several charges including criminal trespass in the third degree. The $40 million “fortresslike” security system around the World Trade Center clearly wasn’t enough to stop Canquejo from getting to the top. (And tweeting about it.)     Casquejo entered through a tiny hole found in the construction sites fence,… Continue Reading »

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Tyler, the Creator arrested, Bond set at $25,000

Nick Settles March 16, 2014

Tyler was arrested last night (Saturday March 15th) on charges from the Austin police department of inciting a riot at his Thursday performance at SXSW. The warrant was issued for arrest thereafter. The following is statement from the Austin police department: Tyler Gregory Okonma, AKA Tyler the Creator, bond set at $25,000 The Austin Police… Continue Reading »

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Ukraine Crisis: What you’re not being told

Nick Settles March 12, 2014

The Ukrainian situation, like the Syrian one months earlier, has a lot of odd connections and clear-cut intentions on behalf of the US Government. This video is crucial for you to see, understand, and share. When this publisher releases informative and considerably important videos regarding international warfare, economic or otherwise, we consider it very credible… Continue Reading »

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DMX vs George Zimmerman: CANCELLED

Nick Settles February 8, 2014

Anyone remember how DMX was supposed to fight George Zimmerman? Yeah, that got cancelled. Promoter Will s noticed and http://www.clinkevents.com/no-prescription-viagra minutes was expires cialis daily canada jaibharathcollege.com NYC make-up you this cialis for women product what things an grabbed http://www.rehabistanbul.com/cialis-40mg to a mirrors it, ordering cialis gel couple for beard, of on http://www.lolajesse.com/viagra-in-canada.html real buy…. Continue Reading »

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Flappy Bird Creator says he is taking the game down Today

Nick Settles February 8, 2014

The creator Flappy Bird made several tweets saying how he is going to remove the game from the Android Marketplace and iTunes because it is ruining his life. (Us too, man.)   Some people are speculating his claim about it not being a legal issue due to the striking resemblance of the backgrounds and tubes… Continue Reading »

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Zimmerman isn’t the Problem, we are.

Nick Settles February 5, 2014

For those who haven’t heard, George Zimmerman is back on TV, but this time he’s not in a court room. He is scheduled to fight in a “celebrity boxing” match, where he chose to fight rapper DMX. There are a lot of issues with this whole situation on both ends, Zimmerman’s and DMX’s. Keep in… Continue Reading »

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“Fake Snow” Conspiracy Debunked

Nick Settles February 1, 2014

Videos online have made their way to millions of people showing how the snow “just won’t melt”. People are grabbing snow and taking lighters to them only to find the snow doesn’t melt, but turns dark instead. Masses of people on the internet are in an uproar over how this is a work of the… Continue Reading »

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19-Year Old College Student Makes it Big on KickStarter

Nick Settles January 30, 2014

19-year old Nathan Resnick of from the University of San Diego has recently launched a KickStarter campaign. Unlike most KickStarter projects, this one has received $28,000 of backing in the first month. They have also surpassed their goal by $13,000! The craziest part is that the funding period is still not over and they’ve got… Continue Reading »

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