Puerto Rico Chooses to Become the 51st State

Stocks of American flag producers soar

In a slightly-less publicized election, citizens of Puerto Rico have decided to embrace statehood and become the 51st state of the United States. Although not all precincts have reported their tallies, 65% of votes that have been counted are in favor of statehood. Many Puerto Ricans wanted to vote in tonight’s election, but were unable to do so. Under its current relationship with the United States, Puerto Rico is only considered a territory, and is unable to participate in presidential elections. The territory also has a very limited representation in Congress, which causes some citizens to feel left out of the law making process in the United States. The transition to statehood has previously been proposed to Puerto Ricans, however citizens previously decided against statehood.

Although the transition to statehood has been all but approved by citizens of Puerto Rico, there is still one more hurdle for the aspiring state to jump through: Congress. In order for Puerto Rico to officially earn statehood, Congress must vote on the matter. President Obama stated that he supports whatever the citizens of Puerto Rico support, which may help the territory in the long run. Although the election is over, one looming question remains: Where will the extra star go on the flag?

Do you live in Puerto Rico? Have family or friends in Puerto Rico? Just wanna give your two cents on the matter? Feel free to post in the comments!

Source: Houston Chronicle
Image Source: WBUR

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55 thoughts on “Puerto Rico Chooses to Become the 51st State

  1. If your going to comment an sound intelligent, you might want to make sure you know what your talking about. Just saying!!! If they are already citizens they should be a state an deal with the shit we all have to deal with.

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