Russian Grandmother Kills Wolf With Bare Hands and Axe

Sounds too good to be true, somehow there’s a catch to this story isn’t there? It’s exactly what it sounds like. Russian babushka Aishat Maksudova is a legend in her own right, axing a wolf with her bare hands.

56-year-old Aishat was herding cattle in the quiet village of Novo Biryuzyak, Dagestan, when she was called to the rescue of a calf being attacked by a lone wolf. Outside of her sister’s home Aishat confronted the wolf and managed to save the calf while slaying the beast. She explains the scene of the attack in great detail:

[youtube id="hKR2ReLw_1Q" width="600" height="350"]

She’s become quite the hero in the province and her “not today” attitude with the wolf is nothing short of epic. Aishat Maksudova is a force to be reckoned with. Next time you find yourself groaning in the grocery store over the elderly foreign lady in line ask yourself, when was the last time you axed a wolf with your bare hands?

Source: Metro UK

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Edanry Rivera

Edanry Rivera

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